Core Areas: Technological Revolution in Farming has only begun

Agrocete's Core Areas were introduced at the beginning of this year as a good proposal of innovation for the agricultural sector. Bringing innovations closer to the rural producers that seek high productivity in the field is their main objective. They are, therefore, considered important sources of technological development in the sector.

Agrocete's Marketing and DETEC teams being visited by the agronomist engineers of the Invicta Consultancy at the Carambeí Core Area on 14/01.

Structured in 2020, the DETEC – Agrocete Technical Department, is responsible for the development and validation of the Agrocete new products and technologies. It is supported by institutions along with field and laboratory research companies all over the American continent, also counting on the company Quality Department for analysis and development of formulas in their laboratories.

One of its responsibilities is to integrate the results of their effort to the marketability of Agrocete products, through the implementation of Core Areas (APs, Brazilian acronym for "Áreas Polo"), not only as an initiative of presentations and improvement, but also as an extension of our research and development practices.

DETEC promotes bilateral exchange of development and results with the core areas through field presentations with scientific and commercial purposes to farmers, agronomist engineers, agricultural technicians, cooperatives, distributors, researchers, and students.

"DETEC: Multipling knowledge"

The DETEC team includes agronomist engineers in different positions such as managers, coordinators, specialists, analysts and consultants. These market development consultants (CDM, Brazilian acronym for Consultores de Desenvolvimento de Mercado) are the ones working in the field, they are in charge of the management of the GRAP line in these strategic areas, collecting and presenting the results obtained throughout the crop, always aligned with the sales technical representatives (RTVs, Brazilian acronym for Representantes Técnicos de Vendas).

With this new structure, Agrocete reduces the distance between development, research and the field, promoting better results with suitable and continuous technical assistance towards high productivity.

The initial project covers the whole national territory, revealing the particularities of each region such as climate, soil, as well as time of sowing and harvesting. The crops developed in the areas include soybeans, sweetcorn, wheat, oat, cotton and also special products such as tomato, bell pepper, banana, peanuts, watermelon, and grapes, among others.

The Agrocete RTVs can help you find a center area. They will recommend the closest Core Area to you from the different areas in Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Paraná/São Paulo (PR/SP), Mato Grosso (BR163) and Goiás (GO).

In the Core Areas, you will find all the GRAP Line solutions, Nutrition and Physiology, Application Technology, Inoculants and Biological products. All applied in comparison with witness and control experiments.

Stay tuned with visiting dates for result appreciation and technical demonstrations.

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